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7 Benefits of Travel Insurance that You Must Know

7 Benefits of Travel Insurance that You Must Know

Everyone must have made a journey in their life. Judging from the meaning of the word travel, it is the displacement of a person's geographic location from his original position to another, more distant geographical location.

In traveling today, one can choose several alternative travel distances through various transportation media, namely land, sea, and air. If you are on the same land and have a relatively fast travel time, usually traveling by land is an option when traveling.

It's different again if you have to cross between islands near or far, usually traveling by sea is the favorite choice. Meanwhile, for the distance that is considered the farthest, usually someone prefers to travel by air.

Travel is a happy thing for someone, but during the trip it does not create zero risks such as accidents. This of course makes everyone feel anxious, afraid, or other uncomfortable feelings.

Travel insurance can be an alternative to reduce these feelings. Some of the benefits that can be obtained if you use travel insurance, including :

1. Medical Expenses

Everyone who travels must have hopes that the journey he takes will be fun so that it can provide its own memories. Surely no one wants to feel pain while traveling.

However, pain during travel often occurs, both mild and severe. With travel insurance, illness that occurs during a trip which requires immediate medical attention will help reduce costs during treatment.

Just imagine when we travel abroad and suddenly get sick and need medical treatment. So many thoughts will definitely make our trip uncomfortable.

Travel insurance will reduce and help with medical expenses incurred if this happens to us. Indirectly, this insurance has almost the same nature as following life insurance.

2. Death Donation Fund

A trip must have a risk of an accident that causes someone's death.

By having travel insurance, an heir will have an inheritance in the form of a death contribution if there is a family or relative who has an accident and causes death during the trip.

Of course, none of us want this to happen to us. However, preparing everything for our life insurance heirs is a positive thing.

3. There is Compensation for Travel Delays or Cancellations

Delays or cancellations using any mode of transportation are often experienced by some people when traveling.

Incidents like this will certainly be detrimental to the users of these modes of transportation. The existence of travel insurance can be used to cover losses for users of these modes of transportation.

For example, when someone is on a business trip and suddenly the plane used cannot fly for one reason or another.

In cases like this, someone who uses travel insurance will usually get compensation such as lodging or other types of compensation.

Each travel insurance company offers different types of travel insurance. Some travel insurance clients can file a claim if there are obstacles to the journey they are taking.

4. Claims for Compensation for Damage or Loss of Baggage

Damage or loss of baggage is something that someone has experienced while traveling.

If we use insurance during the trip, we have the right to file a claim with the insurance company for this incident. Such insurance has the nature of insurance for losses due to travel impacts.

5. Losses Due to Terrorism or Natural Disasters

We will not know what will happen at the destination of our trip. There is nothing wrong with preparing everything as early as possible for things beyond our control.

For example, when you arrive at your destination, it turns out that there is an act of terrorism or a natural disaster that will certainly make your trip unpleasant. This incident will certainly cause harm to us both mentally, physically, and financially.

If this happens as a client of our travel insurance in submitting a claim to the insurance. Some insurance agencies also provide total permanent disability insurance due to a disaster or terrorism.

6. Legal Aid

Various kinds of offers are always made by the travel insurance to attract clients. One of the offers that are usually made by insurance companies is third party legal assistance.

So if the client has a legal case in the country of travel destination, the client can use this service to get a lawyer. For example, if someone has legal problems related to banking in the country of travel destination.

The insurance company will assist in resolving this issue by offering legal assistance in the form of a lawyer or other legal aid services.

7. Residential Protection

While traveling, people often leave their usual place of residence empty. Some travel insurance agencies provide home insurance facilities.

Generally, the insurance companies provide protection against fire or theft of a residential house left by their clients to travel.

With the many benefits obtained from travel insurance, it will certainly make us feel safe and comfortable to take advantage of the insurance.

Data from several travel insurance agencies in Indonesia also states that with the decline in the number of COVID-19 in Indonesia, people's purchasing power for travel insurance has increased. Prepare for the beauty of your trip without neglecting travel insurance.

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