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7 Benefits of Investment Insurance for Customers

7 Benefits of Investment Insurance for Customers

Currently, many companies offer various types of insurance to prospective customers. Considering the benefits of insurance for the community for the long term, there are many types of insurance offered, such as the many benefits of participating in life insurance, education insurance, health insurance, vehicle insurance and many other types of insurance. One type of insurance that is loved by millennials today is investment insurance.

Investment insurance is one of the financial products offered by insurance companies that provide two benefits at once to the owner, namely insurance benefits for customers and investment benefits.

This product is very suitable for those who want to have the benefits as well as benefit from the insurance they have. Because only one product can have two advantages at once.

However, what must be known for prospective customers of this investment insurance is the risk obtained from the investment risk which has decreased from the investment value. Currently, investment insurance is widely ogled by the public because this product provides the best insurance plus investment services as a modern financial solution today.

For prospective customers who want to join this service product, here are some of the benefits of investment insurance products, namely :

1. Ease of Investing

Most people are afraid to invest because they may not have mastered the aspects and backgrounds of investment management. It is also supported by the busy schedule of time constraints, so many people are discouraged from investing.

But you don't need to worry because this investment insurance service will process your investment funds professionally and reliably in their fields so as to provide comfort and convenience in investing.

2. Double Benefits

This investment insurance service product does have advantages that other insurance does not have. As explained at the beginning of the discussion, this investment insurance product service provides two benefits at the same time to its customers, namely protection benefits and investment benefits. Automatically gives double profits at once.

3. Additional Protection

This investment insurance product turns out to have various types of additional insurance (rider) which are added according to the type of customer needs. Of course, this is the main attraction if you join this investment insurance service because only one insurance product can meet all customer needs.

4. Premiums are not forfeited

Another advantage of this investment insurance is that the premium paid is not forfeited. This is of course different from pure soul investment where if there is no claim during the contract period, the premium paid will be forfeited. So there is no concern that the premium will be forfeited if it is not claimed and provides convenience for its customers.

5. Long Coverage

In contrast to other types of insurance services, this type of investment insurance has a longer coverage period, namely offering dependents services of around 75 years, 80 years to 100 years according to the policies of each insurance company.

6. Unchanged Policy

Investment insurance is a flexible type of insurance that makes it easy to add or withdraw funds. In addition, customers are also given the convenience of diverting their investment funds to other types of investments provided by insurance companies.

7. Premium Leave Facility

This facility allows customers to take temporary leave from paying premiums, which is one of their obligations as investment insurance participants.

However, when on leave the customer still gets various information and benefits from the insurance that is used because that is the right as a participant.

The best investment insurance will provide maximum protection and a profitable investment value if chosen correctly.

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