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5 Benefits of Insurance for Companies and Employees

5 Benefits of Insurance for Companies and Employees

Every company definitely wants high productivity and work efficiency from all of its employees for the sake of the company's business continuity. One of the things that affect employee performance is the health factor. Currently, there are many companies that provide guarantees to help with the health costs of employees and their families through the BPJS program. The purpose of this guarantee is so that the employee can focus more on work without having to think about paying for his family's health costs. In fact, some companies not only provide health insurance to their employees but also insurance for educational expenses. This is done by the company to be able to improve the quality of the performance of its employees.

The types of insurance provided by companies are quite diverse and here are some types of insurance commonly used by companies for employees as well as insurance benefits for companies:

1. Health insurance for employee welfare

This type of insurance is the most commonly provided by companies for their employees because employee health is still considered the most important factor affecting their performance for the company. The health insurance provided is able to cover employee and family medical expenses, hospitalization costs, delivery costs etc. The purpose of providing health insurance for all employees and their families is to increase their work productivity in the company.

2. Increasing employee loyalty to the company

Employees will focus more on working for the company because all kinds of risks of work accidents or the health of their families have been covered by the company. This will also increase employee loyalty.

3. Get the best employees

In the employee recruitment process, several companies will explain what facilities will be obtained while working at their company, one of which is insurance. The more facilities provided, the greater the possibility for companies to choose and hire the best employees.

4. Minimizing the amount of dependent costs

To handle the risk of work accidents that occur to employees, because it has been fully covered by the insurance.

5. Business and property insurance to protect company assets

Risks of fire, natural disasters, theft and riots may occur and cause losses to every company. By using business insurance, all company losses will be covered by the insurance provider. Some of the things covered by insurance providers include the working health of all employees, replacement of company assets, etc.

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