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Total Permanent Disability Insurance Benefits

Total Permanent Disability Insurance Benefits

Insurance has many benefits, one of which is the additional benefit of total and permanent disability.

By having insurance, customers will get guarantees according to the terms and conditions that apply in the policy. Insurance will help lighten the burden if unexpected events come and cause losses.

In addition, customers who are policyholders of an insurance company usually get guaranteed returns in the form of savings or investments with flexibility during the coverage period.

The important benefits of insurance also help to facilitate money management and anticipate risks that may occur.

One of the risks that may occur in life is the physical inability to be productive and work.

With the benefits of health insurance, it can relieve the difficulties of someone who has total and permanent disability. Here is the full explanation.

Having insurance is one of the anticipation of risks that can occur in life.

With the occurrence of Total Permanent Disability to a customer who uses insurance, it is the obligation of the insurance company where the customer uses insurance to pay for this unexpected event.

The benefits provided by the insurance are as follows:

  • An additional insurance product that provides 100% additional sum insured if the main insured has total and permanent disability for 180 consecutive days.
  • The sum insured paid for total and permanent disability does not reduce the sum insured for the basic insurance product.
  • Coverage receives total and permanent disability compensation, the amount of which can be adjusted according to needs.
  • Compensation money given for total and permanent disability can be used to meet temporary living needs, because people with total and permanent disability need a certain amount of time to be productive or work again.
  • With compensation money given to the insured who has total disability and can still provide a sense of calm for the insured's family.

Total Permanent Disability Insurance Risk

The many benefits of insurance can be used to ease the financial burden when risks in life occur. One of the risks that may occur is Total Permanent Disability.

Total Permanent Disability is a person's inability to take part in work activities.

And also to earn income for more than 180 days due to certain consequences such as accidents, illness, or loss of limb function for life.

There are two conditions that can be categorized as Total Permanent Disability, namely as follows.

1. Condition one

Conditions where total and irreversible loss of function of the limbs as follows:
  • Both eyes, or
  • Both arms or both legs or one arm and one leg that occurs on the thigh or above the ankle. or
  • One eye and one arm that occurs at or above the wrist, or
  • One eye and one foot that occurs at or above the ankle.

2. Condition two

Condition in which unable to carry out 3 or more of the following activities of daily living:

  • Bath
  • get dressed
  • Switch places
  • Moved
  • Toilet activity
  • Bribe

By having insurance, various risks that can occur in life will be easier and guaranteed so that there is anticipation for these various risks.

Insurance companies have also provided various benefits according to the terms and conditions in the policy agreement for various types of existing insurance.

Insurance benefits for customers can provide accountability for compensation for health, life, property and unexpected events such as loss, damage, and death.

Unforeseen disasters or events cannot be predicted, these disasters can cause physical disabilities such as permanent and total disabilities.

By having health insurance, you will get financial protection from the related insurance company.

Other benefits that are no less important are also for the insured's family members who experience permanent and total disability, where they will feel more secure and not worry because an accident to the insured can be protected by related insurance.

It is important to know the benefits of using insurance, so it is very important to have insurance to be a tool for reducing financial risk.

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